A Snape rant (the best kind!) WRITTEN BY TRIX

Ai’m so borrd.

You’ll notice my tendency to slip into n00b talk…it’s fun. Shut up. It’s fun.

SO. A SNAPE rant. I love Snape. So let us begin.

To begin, was he really a “good guy?” He was a Slytherin, he hates our protagonist, he truly worked with Voldemort until the Lily Evans incident. I don’t think Snape was a good guy in the same way as the Weasleys or Luna Lovegood or any of the other characters. Sure, in the end, he saved everything, but it wasn’t for Harry, it wasn’t for Dumbledore, it was out of anger, the need for revenge on Voldemort after what he did to Lily. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Severus Snape (especially played by Alan!) and after Bellatrix, he’s one of my favourite characters, but I think his status as “good guy” hangs on too thin a thread to be certain. Let’s think of  different scenarios: If he hadn’t loved Lily, he wouldn’t have helped Harry, in fact, he would still be a Deatheater. If Lily wasn’t Harry’s mother, Snape would probably have killed Harry himself. If Lily had died and James hadn’t? Don’t even get me started! Obviously, as we already know, the entire ending depends on Snape’s love of Lily Evans. It makes me cry. Every time I read it. *sob*

In conclusion, I think Snape wasn’t totally evil, “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on.” We can be certain that in the end, Snape acted with his light side. But if the circumstances were slightly different, dark would have prevailed. Therefore, I dub Snape…UNDECIDED. For now.

Well that was a waste of time, we’ve accomplished nothing.

Doncha jus lurv it?


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