Why Slytherins are best (repost)

All these reasons are researched, hopefully unbiased, and completely open for friendly (reasonable) debate.

1. Slytherins value ambition, which is a trait often found in great leaders and *cough* politicians. Ambition is key in our world because otherwise, we would fall into anarchy. While traits like intelligence, courage, and loyalty are all important in leaders, the trait that gives an intelligent, brave, and loyal person the drive to achieve their dreams is ambition. We Slytherins set goals and work to reach them.

2. Slytherins have good self-preservation instincts. While this is sometimes called out as “cowardice,” self-preservation is incredibly important from an evolutionary standpoint. Self preservation tells us to take care of ourselves, put our lives first, and to get out of danger as soon as possible. Due to this trait, we often hesitate before we act, and weigh the outcomes of our possible actions, while Gryffindors tend to react right away. This is a double edged sword, although this instinct will keep you alive, you may lose all your friends.

3. Slytherins are capable of making clear, logical, and rational decisions without being swayed by the opinions of others. Gryffindors take the honourable and brave path, which may often end with said Gryffindor being hurt. Hufflepuffs may be influenced by loyalty to another, or by the ethics of the situation. I do agree that Ravenclaws could make logical decisions as well, but Slytherins tend to make the decisions that will help themselves the most. As Phineas Nigellus says, β€œWe Slytherins are brave, yes, but not stupid. For instance, when given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.”

4. In Slytherin, we are “clever”. This isn’t exactly like the Ravenclaws’ “intelligence” because “clever” implies a that we are sneaky. Which we are. The fact that Slytherins value cleverness shows that we like intelligent people, but that we think this intelligence should be used to our own benefit. Slytherins are not stupid, so please don’t act like Crabbe and Goyle represent us well! We don’t judge you based on your houses’ jerkwads…XD

5. Slytherin is roughly aligned with the element of water, which is essential to life. Not that air, fire and earth aren’t, of course.

6. Slytherins are often accomplished apothecaries (potion makers,) and potions can come in veeery handy in the wizarding world.

7. If you’re into this sort of stuff: Slytherins are ELITE. We’re snobby, bitchy, with a cooler-than-thou attitude πŸ˜‰

8. We’re creative and musical! Just think about that lovely song we wrote about Weasley!

9. Some of us Slytherins can talk to snakes…that’s pretty cool, c’mon, c’mon πŸ˜›

10. We usually don’t get caught if we do something bad, since we’re sneaky enough to go undetected, “cowardly” enough to run away before we’re caught, and clever enough to make up a good story to stay out of trouble!

11. Slytherin is the house for people who want to be the best. “You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.” β€”The Sorting Hat

In conclusion:

I may add more reasons as I think of them, but I have to log off now πŸ˜›

Please note that numbers 7-9 are in a semi-joking tone, meaning that I think they’re true (and totally awesome) but they don’t do much to convince others that Slytherin is great πŸ™‚


Gryffindor: Brave, loyal, courageous and chivalrous, it is considered the height of dishonour to betray your friends or to run away from a challenge. If I were to be involved in a fight, I would want a Gryffindor beside me πŸ™‚ I love you brave, fiery people!

Ravenclaw: Intelligent, witty, fast learners, it is the Ravenclaws who are the world’s common sense. I would not want to face a day without a Ravenclaw’s (or semi-Ravenclaw’s)help and advice. πŸ™‚ You brilliant witty people, I love you too!

Hufflepuff: Loyal, just, kind and patient, you’re just generally good people. I can’t imagine how a Hufflepuff could be evil, therefore, a world without you Puffs would swiftly fall into disrepair. If I were to have the world turn on me, I would want a Hufflepuff to be my one defender. I love you too πŸ™‚


9 responses to “Why Slytherins are best (repost)

  1. Ravenclaws ftw, always.

    1. We value smartness. Leaders didn’t invent penicillin or zippers or lightbulbs. It was the nerd(fighter)s. Not so sure about the zipper, but definitely the lightbulbs.

    2. Self preservation is important yes, but so is inventing lightsaber wands. Priorities guys, priorities. It is hardly worth living knowing that lightsaber wands will never be engineered. Besides, humans are pack mammals. Teamwork and all that. None of this running away business.

    3. But Ravenclaws make the decision that will help everyone the most, seeing as they aren’t clearly motivated by greed, loyalty or honour. Altruism!

    4.So you’re controlling. I wouldn’t try and control the wizards working on lightsaber wands and puppy sized elephants.

    5. Ravens eat snakes. om. nom. NOM.

    6. Potions smotions. Whats going to say you in the middle of a fight? Advanced knowledge of runs or lame old potions? Neither really, but runes are awesome.

    7. Whatever man. Yous’re just jealous. Who’s into snobby stuck up bitches anyway? Besides snobby stuck up dicks?

    8.Um…maybe…arts and crafts? Luna? Y’know?

    9.We can talk to eachother. No other house can hold conversations with us.

    10. We don’t do bad stuff because we’re perfect. In every way.

    11. No, it’s the house for people who want to make it to the top and nothing else.

    Gryffindors: Become aurors or some other weird yet exciting job

    Hufflepuffs: Blue collar.

    Slytherins: Dark wizard. inevitably. no choice in the matter.

    Ravenclaws: Hive mind operation secretly controlling all of the wizarding world. Working on top secret military projects and developing among other things, puppy sized elephants and lightsaber wands.

    Gryffindors are to prone to brashness. Slytherins are too prone to malevolence. Hufflepuffs are to prone to non-exceptionality*.
    But Ravenclaws? RAVENCLAWS can do whatever they want because they aren’t burdened by stereotypes.

    *actual word**
    **no puff hate going on her,e i pwomise :3

    • Oh don’t you DARE insult my house by arguing your points with light saber wands!

      Is it all you Claws can do to study your brains out and invent things? Moreover things that have virtually nameless inventors? I assume you’re claiming the inventor of sliced bread for Ravenclaw? What was his or her name? Don’t you dare use a search engine for that!

      Now then, leaders? Yes, I claim leaders for Slytherin. Now name one. Any one. Even HITLER. An obvious Slytherin. As Ollivander so elegantly puts it, “terrible, but great”.

      Find me a Ravenclaw who convinced entire countries of his or her opinion and lead them to war, fighting for HIS or HER beliefs. I dare you.

      I am a solitary person. I fight alone (and with Trix, but that’s besides the point) and I win alone (or with Trix) and I lead alone. It can be a lonely life, but I have been successful in everything I do and that is more than I can say for most intelligent people I know. Slytherins combine intelligence with drive and passion.

      So don’t go knockin’ my house πŸ˜‰

      Well that was fun πŸ™‚
      Anyone want another rant?
      I’m full of them!

    • I’d think that you were Poseidon (Poseidon3 from fanpop), except you’re a Ravenclaw instead of a Gryffindor.

      Other than that though, you guys seem quite similar………

    • I think snakes can eat Ravens, you know…………………… so STFU anonymous. Yeah, you say youre not racist or Puffcist or whatever, but this whole thing is bashing other houses, Geez.

  2. Maybe a rant on abortion? Assisted suicide? The state of many countries in Africa? Death of the radio/newspaper? Education vs information? Capitalism? Communism?

    *lightsaber+wand=best of both words.

    • A rant on all of those will probably come up in the future, but my views might offend some people. I would wager than no one here would be offended, but others certainky.

      I support abortion, I support assisted suicide in very specific conditions, and I am 99% against the death penalty.

      I will rant today! Expect a new post by midnight EST!

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