Hopefully back online (plus a bit of news!)


I, Lexa Lestrange, solemnly swear that I am up to no good, as usual.

As I may have told some of you, my laptop is having issues with the Fanpop scripts, and therefore I haven’t been online. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix this but in the meantime I will be migrating to the downstairs computer. That means I will be dragging my lazy butt all the way down about 17 stairs every time I want to talk to you people. Is anyone feeling honoured? I sure hope so!

I have just returned from a weekend at my cottage and am chock full of new ideas. And by that I mean full of plots. Which are like plans, but more devious. I’m planning a stageplay of Sweeney Todd in my drama class next year, casting myself as Nellie of course! And I’m plotting…


The fabulous fanfic that I threw together a couple months ago which ends in the deaths of the Dark Lord, Bellatrix, and their young son, as well as the startling survival of their younger daughter, Bellarosa. It shall be continued. Bellarosa will take over the helm of the Death eaters and whip them into shape, along with her yet-to-be-thought-of right hand…person. Gender is also undecided. Shall she have a best friend or a romantic interest? I have her long term life planned out, and she will be lonely, but I need to give her some distractions. Ahhhh these characters. Like my children.

So that’s that. I’ll probably get enraged at something soon and draft a quick rant about it. Might even be a S.P.E.W. rant from Hermione’s perspective if I can get in character.


In the meantime, hope to see you all around, my fellow Potterheads! Mischief managed!


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