Preview of “But We Need Her”

I did a bit of writing over the…er…night, and decided to preview a bit of what I’ve written before I publish it all on BelleFanfics. Here you go! It takes place directly after Tainted Love ends 🙂


“In the light of the Dark Lord’s recent…temporary demise,” Snape said, adressing the Death eaters gathered outside the meeting hall, “The longest serving Death eaters have formed a council to elect a new leader until our Lord returns. We will begin our discussion now.”

And he swept back inside the hall, the door clicking shut behind him. Bellarosa looked around fearfully though she was perfectly safe in Narcissa’s arms.

“Shh my darling, everything will be alright,” whispered Narcissa anxiously, stroking her niece’s hair.


The newly formed Death eater council sat uneasily around the meeting table. The gothic throne at the head was empty, and the council was facing a problem; who would fill it? Who was worthy to fill the gap left by their feared, but vanished, Dark Lord?

“It should be me,” Lucius began, “I have never swayed in my loyalties,” he shot a pointed glance at Snape.

“No!” snarled Fenrir Greyback, his matted hair bristling slightly, “I lead the wolves, I can lead the Death eaters!”

A squabble ensued while the pale blond wizard and the beastly werewolf argued. They were joined by Rabastan, his dark voice softer than the others,

“I claim leadership, for it was I who rid the Dark Lord of Bellatrix,”

There was silence while the men considered this. Finally, the smooth voice of Snape made a valid point,

“But it was I who tipped you off,”

Lucius spoke up, flustered,

“You cannot lead! You are right under Dumbledore’s nose!”

“Correct my friend, but I can choose who is suited to lead.”

“Then who?” growled Greyback, “Enough of this arguing!”

Snape raised an eyebrow, amused.

“Isn’t it obvious? Bella is the one to lead.”


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