Now this might seem strange because I haven’t posted in like…a month…but that’s cool, we can roll with that. So let’s go.

Lately in school I’ve been doing a couple group projects, the biggest of which have been drama presentations. Drama is and always will be one of my absolute favourite activities and therefore I obviously want to do EVERYTHING in my productions. I want to direct, produce, act, write, and BOSS PEOPLE AROUND. And the IEP people tell me I need to work on leadership skills? Pshaw. Ahem. Moving on. The latest production that my class has been doing is a short scene from a movie. My group chose the Finale of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (watch it. Just do it. Such a brilliant movie.) and I sortakinda self cast myself as Mrs. Lovett. But only because I’m a singer and I can pull it off.

Once again, off on a tangent. MOVING ON. Since the start of this scene I have been writing the script, finding costumes, voice coaching the person playing Sweeney Todd, marking the stage for lights, blocking out the levels and depths we need to use, etc. I am a bit stressed. That being said, I’m a generally stressed out person. It occurred to me that I would be less stressed out if I let someone else take charge of something. So I am no longer handling the lights! This is called “delegation” and is something I should practise more often.

They key to delegating is to not appear like you’re dumping a chore onto someone. Rather, you are sharing responsibility. Most people are happy to help out when you phrase your request properly. I personally love being asked to help do things! I’m a helpful person Smile Those of you who know me in real life, shut up, it’s totally true. And sliding neatly into my next topic of discussion, that was a brilliant example of my horrible people skills!

I’m not a hugely friendly person. Once I know someone, I’m super social and try to treat them well, but before that…I’m such a loner. There are literally TWO people in my school that I will spend time looking for at lunch. I’ll sit and chat with whoever, but I will actively hunt these two people down. You know who you are O_O

One thing about delegating and “sharing responsibility” is that it only works if the other person is happy about it (or at least willing to tolerate it.) I been offering to help out a couple people with projects that I ran last year and have been greeted rather brusquely. Don’t get me wrong, they’re happy to let me help, but they don’t express their gratitude or even speak politely! *gasp* Honestly people, if someone’s doing you a favour, say thanks! It takes 2 seconds and makes you look nice.

It just bugs the heck out of me. If I had an asset like what I am to this person I’m helping, I WOULD USE ME. Errr…you know what I mean. When you’ve got someone who knows what they’re doing and can do it efficiently and they’re OFFERING to help you out, accept! Take it and run! And be polite! Use don’t abuse Winking smile


And that concludes my rant for today. Welcome to Lexa’s hopefully active blog. I’ll be starting videos on Fridays and hopefully posts every other day!


2 responses to “Leadership


    It’s priest, try a little priest.


    I prefer the indirect way of helping people. hooking them up with people who share their interests and then letting that person do the work. It’s worked surprisingly well so far/


      “Is it really good?”
      “Sir it’s too good, at least!”

      Looooove Sweeney Todd ❤

      -ignores the useful part of your comment-

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