“I’m going to recommend that you do that again”

Afternoon all! I just returned from school and am happily logged onto Neopets to relax for a couple minutes.

First period this morning was SHIT. We had a substitute teacher for drama. DRAMA. Drama teachers are required to be super awesome, but this one wasn’t. Our usual teacher was away on Friday as well, so this is the second time we’ve had this substitute (Friday and Monday.) When she first introduced herself she seemed like a cool person. Not as cool as our regular teacher, but y’know, it’s cute when they try XD

SO our assignment on Friday was to create a news report about a well known nursery rhyme such as Little Bo Peep, etc. Our group chose Little Boy Blue and proceeded to create a murder scene including tidbits from other nursery rhymes (Dr Foster went to Gloucester and FELL INTO A SINKHOLE AND DIED) and stuff like that Smile Of course, it was obvious that everyone was going to do a murder report, but since it was the logical thing to do, I left it at that.

Today, we presented our scenes. The first was a really awful improvised scene with some…er…execution…The other scenes were much better, especially my best drama buddy’s scene about Little Miss Muffet! My group’s scene was very professional and designed to be like a real newscast in which the reporters show no emotion.

And she tells us to be more DRAMATIC? Excuse me? I AM THE DRAMA QUEEN HERE. DON’T YOU GO TELLING ME THAT THIS SCENE NEEDS TO BE MORE DRAMATIC. Hell no. There is a time for dramatics and panicking about murder, but an onstage interpretation of a newscast is not one of them.

And at the end of the class, she tells us that she’s going to recommend to our regular teacher that we work on our scenes a bit more and re-present them. Scuse me miss, but this work you gave us was a placeholder while we wait for our real teacher to get back and evaluate the scenes we’ve spent a week rehearsing. Don’t hold back our real assignment because of this 2 day skit you had us do.


I hate subs.


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