Just chilling…sittin in a tree

That is how I spent my weekend. We went up to the cottage for Thanksgiving and since there are no bugs this late in the season, I spent my weekend exploring in the forest.

I’m a bit of a free spirit when I get away from the city (yes, I just called Ottawa a city) and I tend to wander pretty far when I get into the woods. So on Saturday I packed a book and some food and took off into the JUNGLE. After walking for a bit, I came across a lovely looking tree. Like most young humans, I like being up high. So I ditched my stuff and started climbing. I didn’t get very far since it wasn’t a great climbing tree, but I sat in it for a while until I got bored and had to move on.

See, the thing with wandering in the forest is, you make a lot of noise and scare of all the animals. So I didn’t see any interesting things at all Sad smile

And I’m tired so that’s all I’m posting today.


One response to “Just chilling…sittin in a tree

  1. dude, trees are the bomb. i wish i had a good climby tree, but all of the ones close by are pine trees, and they really sap my will to climb anything.

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