Who the hell writes this?

Well, here I am! My name is Lexa, and I live in the lovely country of Canada. I spell things with miscellaneous U’s stuck in (colour, neighbourhood, etc.) and am very adapted to the cold. But I hate hockey. My life generally consists of Ravenclawing, karate, singing, and existing online. For those who are stupid, Ravenclawing means studying. Well, at least, I PLAN to study this year. I love reading and can’t stand doing something that doesn’t involve it. I can’t eat unless I’m reading at the same time, which causes problems when I’m hungry and can’t find a book. As you can probably see, my favourite books of all time are the Harry Potter books! I’m a true Death eater, loyal to the Dark Lord until my dying breath. I happily compete for the title of Most Faithful with the lovely Bellatrix Lestrange, who is my favourite character of all time. I am madly in love with her and the Dark Lord and I might actually die if I met them. Errrr, a death unrelated to the fact that they are both mass-murderers…*cough*

So now, let’s rattle off some of my favourite things!

Series: Harry Potter

Movie: Sweeney Todd or Harry Potter (I’m a sucker for those stupid cheerleading movies though)

Actress: HELENA BONHAM CARTER *eyes in worshipful fascination*

Actor: Alan Rickman *eyes with lovestruck wonder*

Karate kata: Chintō

Colour: Green or black

Nail polish shade: Navy blue or red

School: Hogwarts! Or Pigfarts…

Makeup brand: M.A.C. and Covergirl

Wand wood: Walnut and yew

Wand core: Phoenix feather

Pet peeve: Bad grammar. So hide ya shorthand and hide ya text talk, cuz I’m correctin’ everybody out there!

Least favourite thing ever: Hitler?

Second least favourite thing ever: Tw*l*ght.

So now you know me. I look forward to seeing you around the site! Be warned though, this site is almost always Potter related, and when it’s not, it’s martial arts, fashion, makeup, and my life.

So remember, constant vigilance 😉


Oh yeah, and I’m bi, by the way. Helena Bonham Carter is such a babe (lessthanthree)

10 responses to “Who the hell writes this?

  1. Scott, simply because you weren’t accepted onto our team is no reason to be rude in the comments.

    Kate and I are verified grammar nazis because everyone who knows us confirms that we care a lot about proper grammar and spelling.

  2. Hi. It’s Kate…you may remember me? I miss you. If you want me to get lost, just say so, but I haven’t talked to you in FOREVER, and I wish you’d write back 🙂

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