The sheer beauty of drama class

Today I presented my drama summative. It was about an hour long. I thought some people might like to see the script Smile I played Kylie, a good friend of mine played Laura, and all the other characters were by people in my drama class with whom I was forced to work. Shout out to my fellow midnight script writer though, we churned out some pretty disturbing shit!


SOUND TECH- play “Creepy ambience” (music tech, use your judgement, if it starts getting too loud to hear the actors, turn it down a bit! This will run for quite a long time. Repeat song if it runs out before script tells you to cut the music)

Lights up. Empty room with two chairs.
Enter GUARD1 DSR and Guard2 DSL. GUARD1 is forcing a struggling LAURA forward, while GUARD2 has KYLIE. Despite the girls’ struggles, the guards force the girls to sit in the chairs. Guard1 pulls out hypodermic syringe. He walks around them menacingly.
Guard1: Now ladies, no need to struggle. It’ll all feel better soon.
Laura: What are you going to do to us?
Guard1: You’re dangerous criminals. I’m going to help you get better.
Kylie: Not likely.
Guard1: Oh yes, my dear. This is meant to help you. You will feel a sting, and it will all go away.
Kylie: Keep your hands off me, you bastard.
Guard1: Oho, a bit of fight. Well, we’ll take care of that soon enough. (turns to LAURA) But you first. (starts on her with syringe)
Laura: (whimpering) No…please no.
GUARD1 gives her the drugs. She starts spasming and collapses.
Kylie: Don’t you dare give me that.
Guard1: Oh, but you need it. (leans in close) And you will take it.
Kylie: Not likely.
GUARD1 attempts to give her the drugs. KYLIE hits it out of his hand. GUARD1 slaps her with the back of his hand. He looks furious.
Guard1: You’ll get yours soon enough. This doesn’t change anything.
Lights down.
Light up half. LAURA is curled up in a ball upstage center. LIGHT and DARK are on either side of her, downstage, LIGHT stage left, DARK stage right,
LAURA: (whimpers) Make it stop, make it stop.
Beat. Lights full.
LIGHT: (both LIGHT and DARK are matter-of-fact) It must stop.
DARK: It must start.
LIGHT: It must end.
DARK: It must begin.
LIGHT: This girl is broken. We’re ripping her apart.
DARK: This girl is whole. We’re putting her together.
LIGHT: Has it gone too far?
DARK: Has it been too close?
DARK: We’re putting her together.
LIGHT: (as if noticing DARK for the first time) You made her shoot.
DARK: You didn’t let her kill. You brought her here. Her conscience. Look what you’ve done.
LIGHT: I did what was right. Who are you?
DARK: I am her, and you are her. But you won’t be here for much longer. I am the fight, the force, the motivation, and the killer instinct. And I will always do what it takes.
Lights down.

Lights up.
2 blocks midcenter stage, KYLIE leaning against blocks.
Door opens and GUARD1 shoves LAURA inside cell. Door slams shut and GUARD1 leaves, chuckling. LAURA collapses beside KYLIE, crying.
KYLIE: Shhh be quiet, they’ll hear!
LAURA: No! I won’t be quiet! I can’t do this!
KYLIE: Shh, shhh, what did they do?
LAURA: (half mumbling nonsense) Shocks…water…more needles.
KYLIE: You have to stop letting them give you the shots, that’s what’s keeping you from fighting back!
LAURA: I can’t! There are too many of them!
KYLIE: If I can do it, you can do it.
LAURA: What’s the point? We’re never going to get out of here.
KYLIE: Yes we will.
LAURA: You don’t know anything, this place is impossible to get out of. It’s like that kids’ story, no one ever goes in, no one ever goes out. Except that people do go in. We go in, but we never get out!
KYLIE: We will. We’ll find a way. I’ll find a way. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to,
LAURA: No! Kylie, I didn’t mean it that way!
KYLIE: Just go to sleep, we’ll talk in the morning.
LAURA: Kylie…
Sounds get louder in the background, LAURA starts crying. Sounds fade, lights down on LAURA sobbing.
Lights up on same scene, door opens, GUARD1 enters with LORETTA, wakes up KYLIE and LAURA.
GUARD1: Morning girls, you have a new cellmate. Her room is being renovated. I’m sure you’ll get along wonderfully. Laura, why don’t you come with me? It’s time for your treatment.
LAURA glances at KYLIE, who shakes her head.
LAURA: I…I don’t think I need a treatment today…
GUARD1 grabs LAURA’s arm
GAURD1: Don’t be stupid, let’s go.
LAURA: Let me go!
KYLIE: Leave her alone!
GUARD1 and LAURA exit stage left. KYLIE kicks center block.
LORETTA: So what’s with her?
KYLIE: They’re drugging her.
LORETTA: With what?
KYLIE: Thorazine I guess. They tried to get it into me too.
LORETTA: That’s rough…
KYLIE: Got anything better?
LORETTA: Crack, but that’s not much better.
KYLIE: Not worth it.
LORETTA: Is that why you’re here?
KYLIE: Yup. You?
LORETTA: I hung my cat from my bedroom window.
KYLIE: Did it scream?
SCREAM in background, gargling cat noises.
LORETTA: Nope. I thought it would…What about her? (Gestures at door) What did she do?
KYLIE: Shot her dad.
LORETTA: Is he dead?
KYLIE: Nah. Woulda been better if he was.
LORETTA: So, how long have you guys been in here?
KYLIE: Couple years. I dunno.
LORETTA: Me too. Ever wonder about getting out?
KYLIE: Thought, yes. Tried, no. The guard you saw, (gestures stage left) he loves to hurt us. He enjoys it.
LORETTA: Yeah, I got that. So what are you gonna do about it?
KYLIE: What are you talking about? Didn’t I just say we can’t get out?
LORETTA: You’re obviously not trying hard enough.
KYLIE: Oh and you are? As far as I can see, you’re still stuck in here just like we are.
LORETTA: But I know how to get out.
Silence. KYLIE stands and checks doors.
LORETTA: Oh, you wanted to know?
KYLIE: Tell me.
LORETTA: Why should I?
KYLIE moves closer to LORETTA.
KYLIE: Because you’re not the only one who likes making things scream.
LORETTA moves away.
LORETTA: All the doors in this place are controlled by a central desk, so they can’t be opened by a prisoner or other person outside the cell. However, they rely on a computer to tell them whether the door is closed or not. But I can trick it. (pulls hairpin out of hair) All I need to do is use this to jam the door open without the guard noticing. Once they think the door is closed, the guard will leave, and we can reopen the door.
KYLIE: Then what?
LORETTA: Then we get as close to the door as we can, and…
LORETTA: (gives a lopsided smirk) We run like hell.
KYLIE: Sounds like my kind of plan. We’ll talk to Laura when she gets back. She should know about this too.
LORETTA: Fine. Guess I’ll just take a nap then. (LORETTA lies down stage left)
KYLIE: Get up. That’s her spot.
LORETTA: Why does it matter?
KYLIE: (shouting) It’s all she has! Just get up!
LORETTA: She’s not here right now, I’ll get up when she gets here!
Door opens stage left, GUARD1 and LAURA enter.
GUARD1: You two had better stop fighting and take care of your little friend.
KYLIE: What did you do to her!?
GUARD1: We’re fixing her. When that’s done, we’ll start with you.
KYLIE: Get out of our room! Just go!
GUARD1 exits stage left. LAURA huddles beside blocks.
KYLIE: Laura what did they do?
LAURA: They said I had demons, they said they had to get them out!
KYLIE: That’s bullshit, there’s nothing wrong with you!
LAURA: Kylie…my arms…
LAURA holds up arms, they are covered in cuts, bruises
LORETTA: That’s impressive…
KYLIE: Shut up! Laura does it still hurt? Did they give you any shots?
LAURA: No…I think I struggled too much
KYLIE: They did, didn’t they? Please, tell me the truth, not what I want to hear.
LAURA: (nods sadly) Yeah, they gave it to me. (they hug) I’m sorry.
KYLIE: Don’t be sorry. Just don’t let them sap your strength.
LORETTA: This can’t be legal. We live in goddamn Canada!
KYLIE: (almost crying) You think that matters? They’re killing her, and we’re next. (turns to LAURA, dead serious) Loretta has a way out.
LAURA: What…
KYLIE: (shaking LAURA) Stay awake! Stay with me! We have a way out! We’ll get out tomorrow, we can go back to my town, just stay awake for now!
LAURA: (starting to fall asleep) Promise…?
KYLIE: Promise. We’ll be out of here in 24 hours, just stay awake.
LORETTA: Let her sleep, she’ll be awake in time.
KYLIE: What if she’s not? We don’t even know what they have her!
LORETTA: She’ll be useless if she can’t run because she’s tired, let her sleep!
KYLIE: (deflating) Okay…go to sleep Laura.
LAURA: Will you be here in the morning?
KYLIE: I’ll be here every morning.
LAURA: Promise…?
KYLIE: I promise.
LAURA goes to sleep.
LORETTA: Now get up, we have work to do.
KYLIE out from underneath LAURA and stands.
KYLIE: Okay. So how’s this going to work?
LORETTA, KYLIE improvise silent chatter as lights fade to black.
Lights up.
KYLIE: Laura, Laura wake up, it’s time to go!
LAURA: (blearily waking up) What…what time is it?
LORETTA: Almost noon, love, time to get going. The door’s jammed, we’re ready to go.
LAURA: (getting up) Is this real…?
KYLIE: Yeah butterfly, it’s real, let’s get going!.
and LORETTA leave cell, start walking around on stage like their stalking quietly through the halls.
LORETTA: The guards’ shift changes in about five minutes. They’ve gotten lazy though, so they’re getting ready to go home. We need to get to their change rooms, steal some uniforms, and get as close to the gates as we can. As soon as they realize who we are, run like hell, and don’t look back.
LAURA: How do you know this?
LORETTA: My mom works for corrections.
KYLIE: Kinda ironic, isn’t it?
LORETTA: What, that my mother is helping to run the asylums and I’m in one? Yeah, that is pretty funny.
LAURA: (sarcastic) Ha ha ha.
LORETTA: (opens door) Here we go. (takes out and tosses unis to the others). Put these on, and act confident.
KYLIE: Confident?
The three put on the jackets
LORETTA: Lets go.
They walk around on stage, looking like they’re going through hallways again. Enter GUARD1 and GUARD2 DSL. They’re out of uniform, leaving for the day. When they enter, the GIRLS hide DSR.
GUARD1: Good day?
GUARD2: Yeah, fine. Can’t wait to be out of here.
GUARD1: I kinda like it. (gives REALLY creepy sadist face)
GUARD2: You’re a freak, man.
The GIRLS try to head USL, past GUARDS. GUARD1 notices.
GUARD1: What the hell…
GUARD2: What?
GUARD1: I think… shit. Those are our girls from wing D.
GUARD2: Holy crap, you’re right. What do we do?
GUARD1: You go raise the alarm. I’ll chase the escapees down.
GUARD2: Right. (exits DSL, GUARD1 starts at GIRLS)
KYLIE: Damn it. He sees us.
LAURA: (still slightly drugged) Oh no oh no oh no.
KYLIE: Damn it Loretta, he’s coming over here. What do we do?
The GIRLS run. GUARD1 starts after them. They run for a while, before LORETTA stumbles and falls. The other two keep running.
LAURA: What about her?
KYLIE: Keep running.
GUARD1 catches up to LORETTA, who stands, fists raised. KYLIE and LAURA run off USL.
LORETTA: You’ll have a fight on your hands if you try to take me back.
GUARD1: Oh really? (pulls out Taser, and shoots LORETTA with it for several seconds. LORETTA collapses on stage, screaming) Aw, does that hurt? Get up! (yells off DSL) She’ll pay for running. (to LORETTA) Let’s go. You’re going to tell me where your friends are going, or you will suffer.
Lights down.

SOUND TECH: Abruptly stop “creepy ambience” music.

Lights up. LAURA and KYLIE are DSC, walking along a highway.

LAURA: Where exactly are we going?
KYLIE: I used to live near Lake Huron, outside Inverhuron. It should do us fine until we can find a more permanent place to stay.
LAURA: Inverhuron…?
KYLIE: It’s a town. Come on, hurry up!
They run for a beat.
LAURA: how do you know where we are?
KYLIE: I told you, I used to live around here. I know the area.
LAURA: Okay…
KYLIE: Look, I know it’s a bit of a run…
LAURA: A bit? You told me it was an hour by car.
KYLIE: And that you’re still a bit hopped up on drugs, but we can make it if we keep moving.
LAURA: (looks around, lights down a bit) It’s getting dark.
KYLIE: There should be some motels around here we can stay at. And… yeah, there’s a roadside right there.
LAURA: But Kylie, we don’t have any money!
KYLIE: Whoever this uniform belonged to was stupid enough to forget some cash. We have about 60 bucks.
LAURA: Great…great…
KYLIE: Lets go get some sleep.

SOUND TECH: begin “Butterfly” softly so voices of actors can be heard.
Lights up.
KYLIE: (laughing) Come on! It’s just a little further!
LAURA: Are you sure? You’ve been saying that for ages!
KYLIE: No, really, just a few more minutes. There’s an old cabin by the lake shore that we can camp in until we find somewhere better.
LAURA: Kylie I’m tired!
KYLIE: I know, love, but we’re almost there. I promise.
Lights down.

SOUND TECH: continue “Butterfly” until music turns to “la la la” then fade out and pause music (hold the place in the music)

Lights up. OPP station.
ANDERSON is sitting DSC at a desk, working on a report.
Enter WILSON, carrying two mugs of coffee
Wilson: Morning.
Anderson: (distracted) Hello.
Wilson: So watcha workin’ on?
Anderson: A report from our last case.
Wilson: Mmm, fun. Anyway, I brought you a coffee from the break area.
Anderson: Thanks a mil.
Wilson: Oh, and remember the crazed bipolar girl we tracked down a few years ago? From the Kincardine area?
Anderson: (considers) Kylie Souder? Yeah, I remember. She was sent to Milhaven, right? (sips coffee)
Wilson: Yeah. Well, last night, she escaped.
Anderson: (spits out coffee in surprised fashion, splutters) Escaped? Whadaya mean escaped?
Wilson: Last night, she and two other inmates opened up their cell door and stole a couple of uniforms. When the guards realized who they were, they made a break for it and smashed through the gate. One of the guards recaptured one of the girls, but the other two got away. A massive manhunt is under way, but…
Anderson: You think that they’ll get in contact with some organised crime gang and disappear.
Wilson: Yeah, that seems likely.
Anderson: Jesus. Escaped from Milhaven. Has the press been informed?
Wilson: Commissioner’s on his way to the press conference now. He had hoped to recapture them and not have the general public know about it, but it’s too late. They are both, after all, classified as dangers to others and themselves.
Anderson: And he wants us to recapture them?
Wilson: Yup. He’ll officially give us the notification when he gets back.
Anderson: Well, lets get started right away then. Start with the last case file on them…
Lights down.

Lights up. In the cabin.
LAURA: Well we made it, right?
KYLIE: Yeah…we made it..
Silence. SOUND TECH – continue from where left off in “Butterfly”
LAURA: Ohmygod we made it out.
KYLIE: We did, we did! I told you, butterfly, I told you we’d make it!
LAURA and KYLIE fall into each other and sleep.
Lights down.
SOUND TECH – fade out “Butterfly” and pause at end of second chorus (so fair, so bright, so blue the skyyy *PAUSE*)
Spotlight on the sleeping girls.
Laura tosses and turns in her sleep mumbling “No…Not…no poison, no more poison…” etc, etc..
From offstage, the guards’ voices can be heard saying “It’s time for your medicine, this is for your own good”, “Just stab the crazy bitch, already”, etc, etc…
LAURA wakes up with a gasp, frantically looking around. She looks to KYLIE, who doesn’t wake up.
LAURA: Kylie….K-Kylie, I, I had…a dream. They were coming for me, and they had their poison, and their claws, and… (Notices that Kylie hasn’t responded) Kylie? …Kylie?
(Laura hesitantly crawls back to where she was before, lying down, but not closing her eyes.)
Lights down.
SOUND TECH – fade in “Butterfly” and play until lights come up (cue will be given) then fade out and pause
Lights up.
LAURA sits on the floor, arms wrapped around her waist, looking around.
KYLIE wakes up.
KYLIE: Morning, love, you’re up early.
LAURA: A light came through the window, woke me up. It hurt my eyes.
KYLIE strokes one hand through LAURA’S hair.
KYLIE: That’s the sun, butterfly.
KYLIE frowns.
KYLIE: Your hair’s all tangled, love…
LAURA: What? Oh, I-I must’ve been tossing and turning last night…
KYLIE: That doesn’t surprise me…Those drugs they gave you always gave you nightmares, I don’t think they’ve all worn off yet. Stay here, I’ll look for a brush.
KYLIE kisses LAURA on the forehead
Lights down.
Lights Up. In the police station. ANDERSON is sitting at a desk DSC, with WILSON standing DSR.
Anderson: So what have you got for me?
Wilson: Well, not much on either of them. Kylie, as we know, is bipolar, and takes enough narcotics to support the drug dealers herself. Laura shot her father, at the trial, she claimed it was for her mother’s murder. Her mother, by the way died in a car accident 4 years ago. There was an investigation, but…
Anderson: Anything else?
Wilson: Just that there have been a lot of experimental drug trials and electroshock therapy. Could make her behaviour… unpredictable.
Anderson: Unpredictable like a fox. We can’t take any chances. What else is there?
Wilson: Well, we know that Kylie’s the more dangerous one. She put two guards in hospital, and one of them actually quit.
Anderson: Ok. That it?
Wilson: That’s it.
Anderson: Well, I’ll need time to process this info. In the meantime, get your travelling coat, Pip. We’re going for a drive out to Inverhuron.
Wilson: (a little keener) Yes sir!
Anderson: And Wilson?
Wilson: Sir?
Anderson: Wear your Kevlar
They exit DSL
Lights down
Lights up
LAURA is sleeping USC, peacefully. DARK stands to her right, and LIGHT to her left
Light: It was bad.
Dark: It was good.
Light: It was wrong.
Dark: It was right.
Light: She shouldn’t have been left behind.
Dark: She had to be left behind.
Light: We should rescue her.
Dark: We should condemn her.
Light: It was still the wrong thing to do.
Dark: It was still the right thing to do.
Light: We must protect:
Dark: We must protect her. And only her.
Light: We should help others.
Dark: We will damn others.
Lights down.
Lights up. In the cabin with LAURA, sitting USL, brushing her hair.
KYLIE: Hello love, where have you been hiding all day?
LAURA: There were books in the closet. They were interesting.
KYLIE: So, did you sleep well?
LAURA: Great! No nightmares or anything.
KYLIE: (pause a moment too long) Good. I’m glad. (Notices brush for first time) Oh, love, let me do that. (Reaches for brush).
LAURA: No, Kylie, it’s fine…
Struggle for the brush ensues, with KYLIE saying things like “Let me, just give me the brush” and LAURA saying “Kylie, no, it’s fine, I can do it, give it back” ending when LAURA shouts:
Silence, they stare at each other.
KYLIE: (forced out, teeth gritted)…I think tomorrow I’ll go into town…I want to see my old house
LAURA: (puts down brush) Kylie, you can’t!
KYLIE: Why not? I used to live here!
LAURA: Used to…we’re escaped now! If they see you, they’ll send you back!
KYLIE: They won’t see me, I know my way around.
LAURA: No Kylie it’s too dangerous!
KYLIE: Dammit Laura, I want my life back! I’m not just going to hide in the woods!
LAURA: But you can’t go back! I can’t go back. We have to just disappear.
KYLIE: I don’t want to disappear, I want my life.
LAURA: Let’s talk in the morning…we both need some sleep.
KYLIE: Fine.

SOUND TECH – fade in “Butterfly” and play until KYLIE (Lexa) goes offstage.
KYLIE and LAURA go to sleep. KYLIE waits a bit and then stands and exits stage right.
Lights down.
Lights up. The police are standing DSC.
Wilson: So how do you want to play this?
Anderson: Well, apparently Kylie still has a sister who lives around here. I think we should get in touch with her, and ask her about her sister.
Wilson: Right. So where is she?
Anderson: She is currently at work. But she goes on break about… now.
MAYSEE enters DSR. ANDERSON and WILSON walk up to her.
Anderson: Miss Souder?
Maysee: Yes?
Anderson: (pulls out badge) We’d like to ask you a few questions.
Maysee: About what?
Anderson (to WILSON) Write this down. (WILSON starts writing, ANDERSON turns back to MAYSEE) Uh, your sister?
Maysee: My sister?
Anderson: Ma’am, did you see the press conference about 3 hours ago? It was on most TV stations.
Maysee: No, i was working. What about it?
Anderson: Um, it seems that, um… your sister and a friend, um… escaped last night.
Maysee: (shocked) Escaped? How?
Anderson: Well, we’re not sure, but we’re working to recapture them. Any information you have regarding this investigation would be very helpful.
Maysee: Like what exactly?
Anderson: Has your sister been in contact with you? Have you seen her.
Maysee: Uh, no, I haven’t.
Anderson: Uh, any people following you? any strange figures?
Maysee: I don’t think so.
Anderson: Anywhere around here she might go? Any hiding places?
Maysee: Well, she liked to hang out in a cabin by the lake. She went there to get high.
Anderson: Ok, that’s what we need. Thank you ma’am, your cooperation in this investigation has been very helpful.
Maysee: Uh, yeah, no problem. Glad i could help. (exit DSL)
Anderson: Well, Wilson my friend, we have another lead.
Lights down.
Lights up. LAURA centre stage, KYLIE stage right. KYLIE opens door.
LAURA: Kylie! Where were you?
KYLIE: I was in the town.
LAURA: You went to the town?
KYLIE: Yeah? I told you I was going.
LAURA: I told you not to go! What if someone saw you?
KYLIE: Relax, no one saw me.
LAURA: How do you know?
KYLIE: I saw them. They were talking to my sister.
LAURA: What?! Did she tell them anything?
KYLIE: Well…she said we might be here…
LAURA: Oh no…oh no oh no oh no…
KYLIE tries to hug LAURA, but is pushed away.
LAURA: Then we have to leave, right now.
KYLIE: We can’t leave, where would we go?
LAURA: I don’t know, anywhere but here!
KYLIE: I’m not leaving.
LAURA: But they’ll find us!
KYLIE: Look, if they knew we were here, they would already have found us. Therefore, they don’t know we’re here.
LAURA: Okay I guess…but we leave as soon as we think they’ve found us.
KYLIE: Fine. It’s okay, I’ll take care of you, don’t worry…
LAURA (uncertainly): Ok…I trust you…
KYLIE holds out handful of pills.
KYLIE: You want some?
LAURA: Kylie you can’t…
KYLIE: Why not?
LAURA: It’s dangerous! We can’t even go to a hospital or anything!
KYLIE: You’re no fun!
LAURA: I’ve had my fill of drugs…
KYLIE: This is different! These make you feel good, they don’t put you to sleep!
LAURA: I don’t want them, okay? You can do them if you want, I’m going to sleep.
KYLIE pops a pill.
KYLIE: This isn’t any different from the asylum.
LAURA: That’s not true! It’s so much better.
KYLIE: Not if I can’t have my life back!
LAURA: Would you rather I was walking into our cell with gashes on my arms again?
KYLIE: No but…
LAURA: I wouldn’t take my old life back, not for anything. Now that we’re out, I can start again.
KYLIE: I think your drugs are wearing off.
LAURA: What?
KYLIE: You’ve been given one thing or another ever since you checked in. It’s weird seeing you not doped up and falling asleep.
LAURA: You liked me better when I was drugged.!
KYLIE: I didn’t say that!
LAURA: Yes you did!
KYLIE: I didn’t, you’re insane!
LAURA: So why didn’t you just leave me there?
LAURA lies down to sleep.
KYLIE: Laura I didn’t mean it that way. Laura? Laura!
KYLIE storms offstage.
Lights up.
The police are walking across the stage, like their hiking through the woods.
Wilson: Well, if I were a fugitive, I’d hide out here.
Anderson: Speaking of which, here we are.
They arrive at the door MSL
Wilson: Bout time.
Anderson: Well, lets knock.
Wilson: Knock?
Anderson: Well, without a warrant, we can’t go beating down the door…
Wilson: good point.
Anderson: Thank you.
They knock on the door.
Anderson: Open up! It’s the police!
Wilson: What do you think?
Anderson: Methinks no ones home.
Anderson: But let’s check the windows anyways.
ANDERSON walks US and WILSON walks DS. They begin to walk RS.
Wilson: See anything?
Anderson: (shakes head) I got nothing.
Wilson: Yeah, me neither.
Anderson: Wait… I got movement.
Both produce guns.
Wilson: What is it?
Anderson: I think I see something.
They point guns through the windows.
Anderson: Wait, hold your fire. Wait… wait.
Wilson: I still got nothing.
Anderson: False alarm.
They put guns away.
Anderson: Must’ve been a rat or something. But I have a hunch. Let’s call it in.
Lights down.
Lights up.
KYLIE is shooting up in a corner. Misc. pills, powders, cigarettes surround her.
LAURA: Ohmygod Kylie, how many drugs are you friggin on?
KYLIE: Just a fewwww…
LAURA: You can’t keep doing this, we’ve been out for a couple days and you’re more drugged up that I ever was.
KYLIE: But these are different…these make you feel good!
LAURA pulls spliff from KYLIE’S mouth.
KYLIE: (slightly dreamy/drunk) Give that back…!
LAURA: No! There are cops sniffing around, you need to be awake!
KYLIE: Oh come on, love, it’s just a bit of a smoke…
LAURA pulls KYLIE to her feet.
LAURA: What is wrong with you? I thought you said you were going to take care of us!
KYLIE: I forgot about the stuff I hid in the cupboards…(giggles)
LAURA slaps KYLIE (note to Kaera, you are completely allowed to actually hit me here)
LAURA: Wake up! We need to move, we can’t stay here!
KYLIE: What the hell?!
LAURA: We have to get out of here.
KYLIE: We won’t make it anyway…the town is full of cops now…
LAURA: We have to try.
KYLIE: Let’s just rest one more night, eh, butterfly?
LAURA: I guess we can’t really run with you flying as high as a kite.
KYLIE: No…we can’t…
LAURA: Oh just go to sleep.
KYLIE lies down, LAURA looks out the window.
LAURA: Kylie…?
KYLIE: Yeah, love?
LAURA: There are cops outside…
KYLIE: Oh let them look around…
LAURA: What if they try to come in?
KYLIE: Just leave it…
KYLIE: Just get down and don’t let them see you…we’ll be fiiiiiine
LAURA huddles down, far away from KYLIE.
Lights down

SOUND TECH – continue “Butterfly” from where left off. Cue will be given to stop music.

Lights up.
LAURA is sleeping USC. As always, DARK stands to her right, and LIGHT to her left.
Light: That was close.
Dark: That was far.
Light: We could do nothing:
Dark: We could do everything.
Light: The other one be trouble.
Dark: The other one will be saviour.
Light: She is unreliable.
Dark: She is very reliable.
Light: Her reliance on drugs makes her a liability. We know that firsthand.
Dark: And yet she helped us through darkness and pain. What do you recommend?
Light: We must free her.
Dark: We do not need her.
Light: (pauses) Yes we do.
Lights down.

SOUND TECH – continue “Butterfly” play up until “Kiss me with the breeze you’ll be my lullaby” DO NOT GO PAST THIS POINT. PAUSE AS SOON AS “lullaby” finishes. Cue will be shouted.

Lights up
KYLIE enters stage right, wakes LAURA up.
KYLIE: Laura…Laura wake up.
LAURA: Hmm? What time is it?
KYLIE: Almost noon, love.
LAURA sits up straight and stares at KYLIE.
LAURA: You’re back down?
KYLIE: Yeah…I went out early this morning. Wicked headache though.
LAURA: You went outside? But those two cops…
KYLIE: Oh we have a bigger problem, love.
LAURA: Bigger…?
KYLIE: There must be at least 10 of them in the town. They were talking about a warrant. I think they’re coming for us. And big guns. BIG GUNS.
LAURA: Oh Kylie what are we going to do? It’s too late to run now…
KYLIE: I thought of something…
KYLIE: Well…if we run, and they catch us, they’ll send us back. And they won’t keep us together, they’d probably send one of us somewhere else.
LAURA: So what can we do?
KYLIE: Nothing…there’s nothing we can do.
LAURA: So we’re going to let them take us back?
KYLIE: We could…or…or we could go somewhere else…
LAURA: Where..?
KYLIE: We could just…leave…
LAURA: Leave?
KYLIE: Yeah… (all in a rush) I mean, I hid a lot of crack and stuff here when I was younger but there’s some other stuff, some heavier stuff that might work…it doesn’t take much, I had a friend who went on just a few hits, it would be fast at least.
LAURA: Oh…you mean leave as in…leave…
KYLIE: Unless you have a better idea…sounds like the best plan to me…
LAURA: A bit drastic?
KYLIE: We’re surrounded! How else are we going to get out of here?
LAURA: I…I don’t know…but are you sure?
KYLIE: As sure as I’ve ever been about anything…about…about this, about us, about everything.
LAURA: So…you’re doing it?
KYLIE: Yeah…I mean…will you?
LAURA: I don’t know…
KYLIE: I’ll do it if you do it…
LAURA: Okay…yeah…we’ll go together.
KYLIE: Okay…
KYLIE pulls out bag of pills.
LAURA: So…how many do we need?
KYLIE: I’m not sure…might as well just finish the bag…
LAURA: Okay…
SOUND TECH – play “Butterfly” adjust volume as needed so that actors are easily heard.
KYLIE and LAURA take turns popping pills.
LAURA: Oh god…I see why you like these so much…
KYLIE: I told you, butterfly, it makes you feel good…
LAURA: One more pill.
KYLIE places pill between lips just as LAURA says:
LAURA: Share?
KYLIE: Sure…
EPIC STAGE KISS as song fades.
LAURA: That felt…
KYLIE: Better. It felt better.
LAURA: It felt right…
KYLIE: Too late now, butterfly…
KYLIE and LAURA start to spasm.
LAURA: Kylie?
KYLIE: I know, love, I’ll miss you too.
LAURA: Kylie! It hurts!
KYLIE: No butterfly, just let go, don’t fight it!
KYLIE and LAURA clutch each other, spasming
KYLIE and LAURA die.
Lights down.


Spotlight on girls center stage.
Light: It is the end.
Dark: It is the beginning.
Light: It is finished.
Dark: It is started.
Light: We have failed.
Dark: We have succeeded.
Light: She dies.
Dark: She escapes.
Light: When she goes, we go.
Dark: Into freedom.
Light: How can we have allowed this to happen?
Dark: How can we not have allowed this to happen?
Light: But were we in error.
Dark: If you would not let her kill them, they would kill her. We win.
Light: Some victory.
Dark: No defeat. Ever. We always win.
Light: No.
Dark: YES.
Lights down.
SOUND TECH – fade out music.


Just chilling…sittin in a tree

That is how I spent my weekend. We went up to the cottage for Thanksgiving and since there are no bugs this late in the season, I spent my weekend exploring in the forest.

I’m a bit of a free spirit when I get away from the city (yes, I just called Ottawa a city) and I tend to wander pretty far when I get into the woods. So on Saturday I packed a book and some food and took off into the JUNGLE. After walking for a bit, I came across a lovely looking tree. Like most young humans, I like being up high. So I ditched my stuff and started climbing. I didn’t get very far since it wasn’t a great climbing tree, but I sat in it for a while until I got bored and had to move on.

See, the thing with wandering in the forest is, you make a lot of noise and scare of all the animals. So I didn’t see any interesting things at all Sad smile

And I’m tired so that’s all I’m posting today.

“I’m going to recommend that you do that again”

Afternoon all! I just returned from school and am happily logged onto Neopets to relax for a couple minutes.

First period this morning was SHIT. We had a substitute teacher for drama. DRAMA. Drama teachers are required to be super awesome, but this one wasn’t. Our usual teacher was away on Friday as well, so this is the second time we’ve had this substitute (Friday and Monday.) When she first introduced herself she seemed like a cool person. Not as cool as our regular teacher, but y’know, it’s cute when they try XD

SO our assignment on Friday was to create a news report about a well known nursery rhyme such as Little Bo Peep, etc. Our group chose Little Boy Blue and proceeded to create a murder scene including tidbits from other nursery rhymes (Dr Foster went to Gloucester and FELL INTO A SINKHOLE AND DIED) and stuff like that Smile Of course, it was obvious that everyone was going to do a murder report, but since it was the logical thing to do, I left it at that.

Today, we presented our scenes. The first was a really awful improvised scene with some…er…execution…The other scenes were much better, especially my best drama buddy’s scene about Little Miss Muffet! My group’s scene was very professional and designed to be like a real newscast in which the reporters show no emotion.

And she tells us to be more DRAMATIC? Excuse me? I AM THE DRAMA QUEEN HERE. DON’T YOU GO TELLING ME THAT THIS SCENE NEEDS TO BE MORE DRAMATIC. Hell no. There is a time for dramatics and panicking about murder, but an onstage interpretation of a newscast is not one of them.

And at the end of the class, she tells us that she’s going to recommend to our regular teacher that we work on our scenes a bit more and re-present them. Scuse me miss, but this work you gave us was a placeholder while we wait for our real teacher to get back and evaluate the scenes we’ve spent a week rehearsing. Don’t hold back our real assignment because of this 2 day skit you had us do.


I hate subs.



Now this might seem strange because I haven’t posted in like…a month…but that’s cool, we can roll with that. So let’s go.

Lately in school I’ve been doing a couple group projects, the biggest of which have been drama presentations. Drama is and always will be one of my absolute favourite activities and therefore I obviously want to do EVERYTHING in my productions. I want to direct, produce, act, write, and BOSS PEOPLE AROUND. And the IEP people tell me I need to work on leadership skills? Pshaw. Ahem. Moving on. The latest production that my class has been doing is a short scene from a movie. My group chose the Finale of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (watch it. Just do it. Such a brilliant movie.) and I sortakinda self cast myself as Mrs. Lovett. But only because I’m a singer and I can pull it off.

Once again, off on a tangent. MOVING ON. Since the start of this scene I have been writing the script, finding costumes, voice coaching the person playing Sweeney Todd, marking the stage for lights, blocking out the levels and depths we need to use, etc. I am a bit stressed. That being said, I’m a generally stressed out person. It occurred to me that I would be less stressed out if I let someone else take charge of something. So I am no longer handling the lights! This is called “delegation” and is something I should practise more often.

They key to delegating is to not appear like you’re dumping a chore onto someone. Rather, you are sharing responsibility. Most people are happy to help out when you phrase your request properly. I personally love being asked to help do things! I’m a helpful person Smile Those of you who know me in real life, shut up, it’s totally true. And sliding neatly into my next topic of discussion, that was a brilliant example of my horrible people skills!

I’m not a hugely friendly person. Once I know someone, I’m super social and try to treat them well, but before that…I’m such a loner. There are literally TWO people in my school that I will spend time looking for at lunch. I’ll sit and chat with whoever, but I will actively hunt these two people down. You know who you are O_O

One thing about delegating and “sharing responsibility” is that it only works if the other person is happy about it (or at least willing to tolerate it.) I been offering to help out a couple people with projects that I ran last year and have been greeted rather brusquely. Don’t get me wrong, they’re happy to let me help, but they don’t express their gratitude or even speak politely! *gasp* Honestly people, if someone’s doing you a favour, say thanks! It takes 2 seconds and makes you look nice.

It just bugs the heck out of me. If I had an asset like what I am to this person I’m helping, I WOULD USE ME. Errr…you know what I mean. When you’ve got someone who knows what they’re doing and can do it efficiently and they’re OFFERING to help you out, accept! Take it and run! And be polite! Use don’t abuse Winking smile


And that concludes my rant for today. Welcome to Lexa’s hopefully active blog. I’ll be starting videos on Fridays and hopefully posts every other day!