“I’m going to recommend that you do that again”

Afternoon all! I just returned from school and am happily logged onto Neopets to relax for a couple minutes.

First period this morning was SHIT. We had a substitute teacher for drama. DRAMA. Drama teachers are required to be super awesome, but this one wasn’t. Our usual teacher was away on Friday as well, so this is the second time we’ve had this substitute (Friday and Monday.) When she first introduced herself she seemed like a cool person. Not as cool as our regular teacher, but y’know, it’s cute when they try XD

SO our assignment on Friday was to create a news report about a well known nursery rhyme such as Little Bo Peep, etc. Our group chose Little Boy Blue and proceeded to create a murder scene including tidbits from other nursery rhymes (Dr Foster went to Gloucester and FELL INTO A SINKHOLE AND DIED) and stuff like that Smile Of course, it was obvious that everyone was going to do a murder report, but since it was the logical thing to do, I left it at that.

Today, we presented our scenes. The first was a really awful improvised scene with some…er…execution…The other scenes were much better, especially my best drama buddy’s scene about Little Miss Muffet! My group’s scene was very professional and designed to be like a real newscast in which the reporters show no emotion.

And she tells us to be more DRAMATIC? Excuse me? I AM THE DRAMA QUEEN HERE. DON’T YOU GO TELLING ME THAT THIS SCENE NEEDS TO BE MORE DRAMATIC. Hell no. There is a time for dramatics and panicking about murder, but an onstage interpretation of a newscast is not one of them.

And at the end of the class, she tells us that she’s going to recommend to our regular teacher that we work on our scenes a bit more and re-present them. Scuse me miss, but this work you gave us was a placeholder while we wait for our real teacher to get back and evaluate the scenes we’ve spent a week rehearsing. Don’t hold back our real assignment because of this 2 day skit you had us do.


I hate subs.




Now this might seem strange because I haven’t posted in like…a month…but that’s cool, we can roll with that. So let’s go.

Lately in school I’ve been doing a couple group projects, the biggest of which have been drama presentations. Drama is and always will be one of my absolute favourite activities and therefore I obviously want to do EVERYTHING in my productions. I want to direct, produce, act, write, and BOSS PEOPLE AROUND. And the IEP people tell me I need to work on leadership skills? Pshaw. Ahem. Moving on. The latest production that my class has been doing is a short scene from a movie. My group chose the Finale of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street (watch it. Just do it. Such a brilliant movie.) and I sortakinda self cast myself as Mrs. Lovett. But only because I’m a singer and I can pull it off.

Once again, off on a tangent. MOVING ON. Since the start of this scene I have been writing the script, finding costumes, voice coaching the person playing Sweeney Todd, marking the stage for lights, blocking out the levels and depths we need to use, etc. I am a bit stressed. That being said, I’m a generally stressed out person. It occurred to me that I would be less stressed out if I let someone else take charge of something. So I am no longer handling the lights! This is called “delegation” and is something I should practise more often.

They key to delegating is to not appear like you’re dumping a chore onto someone. Rather, you are sharing responsibility. Most people are happy to help out when you phrase your request properly. I personally love being asked to help do things! I’m a helpful person Smile Those of you who know me in real life, shut up, it’s totally true. And sliding neatly into my next topic of discussion, that was a brilliant example of my horrible people skills!

I’m not a hugely friendly person. Once I know someone, I’m super social and try to treat them well, but before that…I’m such a loner. There are literally TWO people in my school that I will spend time looking for at lunch. I’ll sit and chat with whoever, but I will actively hunt these two people down. You know who you are O_O

One thing about delegating and “sharing responsibility” is that it only works if the other person is happy about it (or at least willing to tolerate it.) I been offering to help out a couple people with projects that I ran last year and have been greeted rather brusquely. Don’t get me wrong, they’re happy to let me help, but they don’t express their gratitude or even speak politely! *gasp* Honestly people, if someone’s doing you a favour, say thanks! It takes 2 seconds and makes you look nice.

It just bugs the heck out of me. If I had an asset like what I am to this person I’m helping, I WOULD USE ME. Errr…you know what I mean. When you’ve got someone who knows what they’re doing and can do it efficiently and they’re OFFERING to help you out, accept! Take it and run! And be polite! Use don’t abuse Winking smile


And that concludes my rant for today. Welcome to Lexa’s hopefully active blog. I’ll be starting videos on Fridays and hopefully posts every other day!

Planking, aka The new sport for Stupid People

Credit: http://gizmodo.com/5803311/what-is-planking

“Planking is blowing up the news these day. Old people would say it’s another instance of why the youth is screwed. Kids would fire back that it’s the most fun you can have being still. Who’s right? And just what the hell is planking?

It’s a stupid internet sensation…

Planking is the act of lying facedown for a photograph. The term planking originated from Australia but is actually just another name for ‘the lying down game’ (I’m not kidding). The specific instructions: to put your body face down to the ground (or table, or object, or anything) with your arms to the side. Yeah.

…that’s really, really stupid…

Again, the act itself is to lie down on the ground. Anybody can do that, right? That’s why kids are getting crazier. You get creativity points for planking in odd places like trees branches. Or escalators. Or animals! Or balls. The more wild you get, the ‘better’ the picture will be.

…but is huge on Facebook.

The Official Planking Facebook page has over 180,000 fans and tons of pictures showcasing the best plankers around the world. Hell, the whole idea about planking is to upload it to your Facebook account so your friends can see it, as planking alone is not

planking at all.

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games…

An Australian man DIED for trying to plank on a balcony, plummeting 7 stories to the ground. Police are growing concerned that people are trying to one up each other in their planking.

…so don’t go nuts if you plank…

I think a safe policy would be to not plank anywhere you wouldn’t sit.

…or really, just don’t plank at all.

Come on, people.”

Assisted suicide

If I were an old lady, say…102 years old? And I was suffering from cancer and an assortment of other illnesses that had robbed me of my dignity and my will to live. I gather all my family around my hospital bed and choke out some words to them. In that difficult moment, I tell them that I’m tired of the state I’m in. I’m not really living if I can’t see the world and take care of myself. I tell them I want to pull the plug. What then?

Do they accept my decision gracefully and respectfully and honour my wish to let go of what little remains of my life?

Or do they tell me that suicide is wrong and leave me to lie in pain in my hospital bed until I pass away without any respect for myself?

In Canada, assisted suicide is illegal, which suicide is not. It is a crime to help someone with something that is not a crime. That’s like it being illegal to help someone walk their dog. But on a larger scale…y’know.

When someone passes a certain point, when they lose their hope and are only left with pain and emptiness, when they live their life in a hospital bed hooked up  to various machines that are the only things linking them to life, when someone reaches that point, they deserve to choose their own future, no matter what anyone else says.

That doesn’t mean they should be allowed to take a vial of poison in secret with only one witness and no proof of consent. It means that there should be laws governing how this works. It should be out in the open and have information available to everyone who wants it. There should be clear rules and distinctions between what is legal and what isn’t.

I don’t know about the government, and I don’t know about what the individual parties think, but here’s what I think,

I think Belgium’s got it right so far.

Two physicians must be present, as well as a psychologist in case of mental competence doubts.

My personal beliefs are as follows:

I agree with Belgium’s requiring doctors and psychologists.

Family members must be notified and allowed to present an argument, but not make a counter decision for the patient.

The patient must have a terminal illness with minute to no possibility of recovery.

The patient must be in pain but still be capable of competent thought.

Depending on the age of the patient, it’s probably best if they’re not depressed.


If someone is in pain and without hope, it’s not fair to force them to continue in their half-existence against their own wishes. If I am able to recognize my situation, and realise that the life I’m living isn’t any better than rotting in the ground, I should be allowed to choose my future.

No one else can decide your destiny. Only you. And if you live to be 90 years old, with a life full of love, happiness, and joy, and are then confined to a hospital bed with no hope of recovery, if you want to preserve your dignity and end your life on your own terms, power to you, I salute you and hope that there’s something wonderful waiting for you on the other side.