“I’m going to recommend that you do that again”

Afternoon all! I just returned from school and am happily logged onto Neopets to relax for a couple minutes.

First period this morning was SHIT. We had a substitute teacher for drama. DRAMA. Drama teachers are required to be super awesome, but this one wasn’t. Our usual teacher was away on Friday as well, so this is the second time we’ve had this substitute (Friday and Monday.) When she first introduced herself she seemed like a cool person. Not as cool as our regular teacher, but y’know, it’s cute when they try XD

SO our assignment on Friday was to create a news report about a well known nursery rhyme such as Little Bo Peep, etc. Our group chose Little Boy Blue and proceeded to create a murder scene including tidbits from other nursery rhymes (Dr Foster went to Gloucester and FELL INTO A SINKHOLE AND DIED) and stuff like that Smile Of course, it was obvious that everyone was going to do a murder report, but since it was the logical thing to do, I left it at that.

Today, we presented our scenes. The first was a really awful improvised scene with some…er…execution…The other scenes were much better, especially my best drama buddy’s scene about Little Miss Muffet! My group’s scene was very professional and designed to be like a real newscast in which the reporters show no emotion.

And she tells us to be more DRAMATIC? Excuse me? I AM THE DRAMA QUEEN HERE. DON’T YOU GO TELLING ME THAT THIS SCENE NEEDS TO BE MORE DRAMATIC. Hell no. There is a time for dramatics and panicking about murder, but an onstage interpretation of a newscast is not one of them.

And at the end of the class, she tells us that she’s going to recommend to our regular teacher that we work on our scenes a bit more and re-present them. Scuse me miss, but this work you gave us was a placeholder while we wait for our real teacher to get back and evaluate the scenes we’ve spent a week rehearsing. Don’t hold back our real assignment because of this 2 day skit you had us do.


I hate subs.


Paris, la ville d’amour, vs. Neew Yohk, the big apple.

As my Fanpop friends know, I am currently in Paris for March break! Recently I got into an argument with an old friend about Paris and New York City, and how they compare. I’ve only been here in France for a couple days, but I have already fallen completely in love with the city. He has been to NYC a couple times, and likes it very much. I myself have never even been to the States, let alone New York, and I have absolutely no desire to go to either. He thinks I’m crazy because NYC has so much to offer. I beg to differ.

Thus: my reasoning as to why Paris is more suited to my tastes than New York, and why it is reasonable to not want to visit NYC.

Starting with my experiences in Paris!

On Day One we visited the Bastille Market, a delightful open air market with fruit, cheese, bread, and clothes stands. The atmosphere was charming, vendors shouting, people chatting in rapid french, shoppers bargaining over food…Even the french baguettes and cheese alone would have won me over! That is something that I doubt you will ever see in New York. An open air market full of fresh food and french cheese and bread. Even more astounding, no one was pushing or shoving, everyone was so polite! Pardonnez-moi, desolee, ‘scusee, compared to the common take on New York, where it’s every person for themself. Paris, or at least the part I’m in, is lovely and civilized.

In the afternoon of Day One, we visited L’Orangerie, a small art gallerie that is home to Monet’s gigantic water lily paintings. Also something you will not find in New York, if only because they are one of a kind. The artwork in France is amazing. Monet, Renoit, Da Vinci, the list goes on and on!


Day Two we wandered around the islands in the Seine River. The tiny shops full of brightly coloured scarves and jewellery attracted us at once, and we spent all morning flitting in and out of the many shops like hummingbirds. The menfolk went ahead and had coffee in a quaint corner cafe by the River. And to tope it all off, every other store was an ice cream parlour. Take THAT New York!

Aaaand finally, the architecture. I have been assured that NYC has just as much classical architecture as Paris, but I find that hard to believe.  The entire neighbourhood that we’re staying in is FULL of gorgeous buildings with wrought iron banisters and stone work that looks like icing on a cake. We visited Notre Dame Cathedral, and, however uncomfortable I was there (VERY uncomfortable) I have to admit that it is tastefully done. The great arching stone ceilings make you feel tiny, while the statues make you feel as though you are right there with the saints and Virgin Mary.  The stained glass alone had me gawking for a good 5 minutes before I went on to gasp at the gigantic chandelier.  I doubt that New York can beat that type of classical architecture, ESPECIALLY since it took centuries to build and they didn’t even have the technology used to build NY buildings.

Heh, one last thing, the shopping is excellent in both cities, but the FOOD is better in Paris I’m sure. Also the people are SO polite and friendly. No one shoves you in the streets, no one yells at you for crossing the street.

I lied, I still have more to say:

France is so full of HISTORY! It’s been around for centuries longer than anything in America. The civilization I mean, obviously the land is all the same age…

I have always loved Europe because it’s so full of stories. Kings, queens, royalty, courts, medieval war, etc. SO much more interesting to me than colonial wars. That goes for the architecture as well, European architecture is more impressive simply because it’s been around forever. None of this modern crap, it’s all flying buttresses and huge clock towers with gilded ceilings and marble columns. So elegant.


And that is why I think that Paris is more suited to my tastes than New York. I have no desire to visit the crowded, rude, smog-filled, dirty, bustling city of New York. I would be perfectly happy to stay here and learn a Parisian accent, rather than my harsh Quebecois french, or even worse, a NEW YORK ACCENT!

Why Slytherins are best (repost)

All these reasons are researched, hopefully unbiased, and completely open for friendly (reasonable) debate.

1. Slytherins value ambition, which is a trait often found in great leaders and *cough* politicians. Ambition is key in our world because otherwise, we would fall into anarchy. While traits like intelligence, courage, and loyalty are all important in leaders, the trait that gives an intelligent, brave, and loyal person the drive to achieve their dreams is ambition. We Slytherins set goals and work to reach them.

2. Slytherins have good self-preservation instincts. While this is sometimes called out as “cowardice,” self-preservation is incredibly important from an evolutionary standpoint. Self preservation tells us to take care of ourselves, put our lives first, and to get out of danger as soon as possible. Due to this trait, we often hesitate before we act, and weigh the outcomes of our possible actions, while Gryffindors tend to react right away. This is a double edged sword, although this instinct will keep you alive, you may lose all your friends.

3. Slytherins are capable of making clear, logical, and rational decisions without being swayed by the opinions of others. Gryffindors take the honourable and brave path, which may often end with said Gryffindor being hurt. Hufflepuffs may be influenced by loyalty to another, or by the ethics of the situation. I do agree that Ravenclaws could make logical decisions as well, but Slytherins tend to make the decisions that will help themselves the most. As Phineas Nigellus says, “We Slytherins are brave, yes, but not stupid. For instance, when given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.”

4. In Slytherin, we are “clever”. This isn’t exactly like the Ravenclaws’ “intelligence” because “clever” implies a that we are sneaky. Which we are. The fact that Slytherins value cleverness shows that we like intelligent people, but that we think this intelligence should be used to our own benefit. Slytherins are not stupid, so please don’t act like Crabbe and Goyle represent us well! We don’t judge you based on your houses’ jerkwads…XD

5. Slytherin is roughly aligned with the element of water, which is essential to life. Not that air, fire and earth aren’t, of course.

6. Slytherins are often accomplished apothecaries (potion makers,) and potions can come in veeery handy in the wizarding world.

7. If you’re into this sort of stuff: Slytherins are ELITE. We’re snobby, bitchy, with a cooler-than-thou attitude 😉

8. We’re creative and musical! Just think about that lovely song we wrote about Weasley!

9. Some of us Slytherins can talk to snakes…that’s pretty cool, c’mon, c’mon 😛

10. We usually don’t get caught if we do something bad, since we’re sneaky enough to go undetected, “cowardly” enough to run away before we’re caught, and clever enough to make up a good story to stay out of trouble!

11. Slytherin is the house for people who want to be the best. “You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.” —The Sorting Hat

In conclusion:

I may add more reasons as I think of them, but I have to log off now 😛

Please note that numbers 7-9 are in a semi-joking tone, meaning that I think they’re true (and totally awesome) but they don’t do much to convince others that Slytherin is great 🙂


Gryffindor: Brave, loyal, courageous and chivalrous, it is considered the height of dishonour to betray your friends or to run away from a challenge. If I were to be involved in a fight, I would want a Gryffindor beside me 🙂 I love you brave, fiery people!

Ravenclaw: Intelligent, witty, fast learners, it is the Ravenclaws who are the world’s common sense. I would not want to face a day without a Ravenclaw’s (or semi-Ravenclaw’s)help and advice. 🙂 You brilliant witty people, I love you too!

Hufflepuff: Loyal, just, kind and patient, you’re just generally good people. I can’t imagine how a Hufflepuff could be evil, therefore, a world without you Puffs would swiftly fall into disrepair. If I were to have the world turn on me, I would want a Hufflepuff to be my one defender. I love you too 🙂

Same Explanation, different site!

I stole this post from Merri because I thought it would be safer for me to write it Smile

Anyways, this will be OUR side of the story. I swear upon the Dark Lord’s ruined soul that it is completely true. In fact, I swear on all the martial arts training I have EVER done, that it is true.

But keep in mind that this is OUR side of the story. River will tell you something different. It is up to you to decide which of us is telling the truth.

The entire thing started with the election. I think everyone here knows about that, and how no one REALLY wanted me to be the leader. I get it. I KNOW I’m not the leader, and I never pretended to myself that I was.

During that time, I posted an article, one that can also be found here.

I meant that article as a reminder that we should be conscious of how we act, and that we should try to be polite, respectful, and at least try to type correctly (we all know what a Grammar Nazi I am!) Apparently River took great offense to this article, saying that I was indirectly insulting her and that I had no right to do so. She was quite angry with me. I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t insulting her, I knew I wasn’t the leader, and that I was simply suggesting things, not ordering them, but she wouldn’t listen.

Trix, understandably, leapt to my defense, saying some things that were, perhaps, a little rude, but in my opinion, completely justified. This started what is known as World War Three on the DE RP spot. As I playfully put it,

It’s World War Three!
They’s creepin’ through cyberspace
They’s got them red pens out
Tryna fix em, so y’all need to
Hide your shorthand, hide your text talk
And hide your keyboard
Cuz them Grammar Nazis are correcting everybody out there!

Later on, I chat messaged River to see if we could correct the misunderstanding, she told me to “leave me alone” and posted on the DE RP wall,

“I’m FURIOUS! Giatrix and Lexa NEVER speak to me again!”

By this time, things had gotten really out of hand. Trix and River were at each other’s throats, I was the angriest I’d ever been, and I had come to realize that Trix and I couldn’t peacefully co-exist with River on the DE RP spot after what had taken place. I posted a brief article saying that I was leaving DE RP, and that I hoped we could still be friends even if I wasn’t roleplaying anymore. The general consensus was that things could be fixed and that I shouldn’t leave.

An hour or so later, River opened chat with me, telling me,

“keep in mind that i’m FAR from forgiving you, but are you leaving? the DERP?”

I found this quite rude, seeing as I had tried to speak with her earlier and was brushed off. I responded a but rudely and started complaining to Trix, who had also received a chat message from River saying,

“Not that I forgive you or hate you any less while asking this question, but are you leaving? the DERP?”

Trix also responded rudely, but I think she was a bit more justified in it than I was…

I took a screencap of my conversation and sent it to Trix to show her, since I was too lazy to retype it. A couple minutes later, this image had been uploaded to DE RP by Trix:


Before anyone has a chance to say so, I would like to acknowledge that this was very stupid. I should not have screencapped my conversation, and Trix should not have posted it. It was wrong and immature and stupid. I know.

River quickly responded by saying that this screencap was edited so that it didn’t show all the mean things we had said to her. Apparently I told her to “burn in hell”. I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in hell, nor do I tend to insult people with fictional places (in my opinion at least.)

Of course, there was no way for anyone to tell who was speaking the truth, so the tension rose even higher. We argued back and forth for a bit but nothing was resolved or even came close to being discussed reasonably.

That night I sent a quick note to River saying that we should privately discuss our problems so that the rest of the spot wouldn’t be subjected to watching our arguments. I suggested a thing called Radical Honesty which I had found useful in similar situations before. For reasons unknown, River decided to post her reply publicly on Fanpop. Her reply has been deleted, but the gist of it was this:

“I don’t really hate Lexa, I was just angry that one time. I’ll stop complaining about the election now. I absolutely HATE Giatrix though! She’s a jealous bitch! I never listen to what anyone tells me, and I’m a whiny bitch who has to get her way. Lastly, that screencap is a lie and we all know it!”

I find this offensive. First of all, there was a REASON I asked to discuss this in private, it was so that she and Trix couldn’t fight, and so that the spot members wouldn’t have to watch. Secondly, in my unprofessional opinion, this behaviour is bordering on passive aggressive (I display it myself from time to time,) please (I’m being genuine here, no sarcasm at all,) correct me if I’m wrong, but her exact words were, “This may be a flaw on my part, but I never listen to what anyone tells me,” Preceding a trait with, “This may be a flaw,” will always make you sound humble and insecure, making people feel pathos towards you. I find this really pathetic. Spit out the truth!

Anyways. So we had this huge fight with lots of nasty things, and then I decided I would try once more to broker peace.

I opened a chat with River asking to peacefully attempt to resolve OUR issues before we tried to fix things between her and Trix. Before I say what we spoke about, let me make one thing clear. We agreed that this conversation would be private. I am about to break that agreement. But I am only doing so because she broke it first, therefore all that anyone knows is HER side of the story. This is unacceptable. In a fight, I will always let my opponent tell their story, whether I approve or not. River has not invited me to share, so I’m doing it on my own:

During our conversation, I brought up the biggest issue between the three of us; the screencap. I asked her why she was lying about it. Her response was that she was doing it in self defense. Trix posted the pic and River panicked. She did the only thing she could think of. She lied to make herself look better, and make us look worse. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it before too! But I have always confessed the truth and made friends at the end of it all.

River and I uncovered that she was angriest at Trix for posting the picture, and Trix was angriest at River for lying about it. In my eyes, the logical thing to do here is confess the truth, and then take down the screencap! Voila, problem solved!

It wasn’t that simple, but then again, things never are. River said that she couldn’t confess the truth for fear that the DE RP members would hate her for lying, and she also added that they might thing if River lied about this, maybe she lied about being our friend! I tried to tell her that DE RP members were reasonable people and wouldn’t be that cruel, but she thought otherwise. I even told her that I would vouch for her and stand by her if she told the truth. She told me that to most people on the spot, my opinion wasn’t worth anything, so it didn’t matter.

Finally, I realized that it was all in vain. I told her that if she wasn’t willing to tell the truth, I would truly leave the spot. I was willing to try to solve the problem, but not if she wasn’t going to meet me half way. She told me that it was my own decision and not to blame it on her.

So I told her goodbye, deleted her as a fan, and unsubscribed from DE RP, deleting most of my comments, articles, and answers.

“I set a reasonable condition with an open ended time limit. River refused, therefore I am leaving. Goodbye all, I’m not coming back until the truth outs. Trix, please stop fighting my battle for me. It’s no one’s battle anymore. A fight requires two people”

Was my official wall post. It was followed by,

“I agree with Lexa. This isn’t worth it. Congrats River, you win, since you think of everything as a contest. Stupid anarchist. Isn’t mutual hate beautiful?”

From Trix, and then,

“Giatrix and Lexa left. Some people might think it’s because of me. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. Leaving was their choice. All I can say, I tried. It’s done. Love me or hate me, I really don’t care at this point.”

From River. (It’s good that you don’t care River, because I am dangerously close to hating you)

That is where the story ends, everything after this is an “Epilogue” so to speak.

Although I had officially left DE RP, I was still curious about what was happening there. I admit it, I was lurking. I saw a new RP go up, and I was happy with that, but I also saw a wall post that made me sad.

“& Just so you know, the “condition” was totally unreasonable. If you want to know what it was, message me, I’ll tell you. It was unreasonable and unfair”

From River. When I opened that chat with her, we agreed that it was to be confidential. I wasn’t even going to tell Trix. When I saw this post, I threw away the informal contract. Ripped it to metaphorical shreds. It obviously isn’t enough that we’ve left and she is now alone with her “friends,” she has to continue to disrespect us? The first rule of martial arts is “Respect your opponent,” I have learned this the hard way. I hope that River does too.

Wow. That was a lot of thinking and writing. I think I’m finished…

Now before I start slipping into passive aggressive WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE? mode, I think I should conclude this.

Everything I have written is the truth. I hate lies almost as much as I hate stupidity. I love the idea of Radical Honesty! I’m not trying to force you to pick sides, I presenting you with my side of the story, and if you believe me, thank you very much. If you don’t believe me, I would still like to be friends Smile

But let me make myself very clear, I like you all very much, but if you start actively fighting against me, all thoughts of friendship will be gone, and unless you genuinely realise your mistake at the end of it all, I will probably not want much to do with you.

That being said, I don’t care if you believe River over me, as long as you aren’t in my face screaming ‘”YOU LIAR!”

Smile I didn’t swear once in that entire article!